"The" Food Truck...Ever wonder why we couldn't be more creative with our name?

Our Story  

Since 2009 The Food Truck has been called "Tha" Food Truck. We tried many names and themes. First it was Eat and Run, then Craft Services, The Soul Food Truck, and Slammers. Over the years one thing never changed, we always called it Tha Food Truck. We started serving food locally at night clubs, but focused on special events like The Magic City Classic, Madison Street Festival and Hartselle Depot Days. After a short time we knew we were on to something good and wanted to become "The" Best Food Truck around.

After trying a few different menu Items, we decided on a "Beef" themed Menu. The response was overwhelming! People loved the taste, so we stuck with it. We have been a part of all the food truck events in Madison, the ones put on by Downtown Huntsville Inc and we currently are serving lunch at the NASA Food Truck Park on Redstone Arsenal.​ We are available to serve lunch in Research Park, carnivals, church, school, and private events.

We invite you to follow our moves on Twitter and try some of our Certified Street Quality Food!

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